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    April 15, 2013
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wheelchairs to take bloody victims to tents that have been set up by runners. participants and spectators describe the scene. >> what did the scene look like? >> all i could see was glass coming out towards the road. and a big fire. it looked like a fire ball or something and i just heard the glass shatter. >> the person sounded like a cannon blast. it felt so strong, almost blowing my hat off. and everybody, they started running the other way. there were a few people running towards them to help out the injured with real bad injuries. >> they were banged up. severe lacerations, amputees, a lot of shrapnel, you know, pretty big explosions. there was a lot of blood everywhere. >> our affiliate wbz in boston caught the explosions on camera as they happened. you can see chaos followed with
the first blast as runners and spectators raced for cover. then about 15 seconds later a plume of smoke from the second explosion could be seen just down the street. there were also reports that the explosion at the john f. kennedy library a few miles from the marathon finish line. the boston police commissioner said that the library fire doesn't appear to be related to the explosions at the race. it may be related to an earlier fire. an investigation into who may have planted those bombs are just getting underway. so far no claims of responsibility and no word on a motive. police say the pre-race intelligencing didn't give any indication that an attack was eminent. they are still surveying the area for safety threats. for now they are urging everyone to stay inside. >> we are recommending to people that they stay home, that if they are in hotels in the area that they return to their rooms and that they don't go any place in large crowds. we want to make sure to
completely stabilize the situation. >> there are no suspects in custody, but david said that a broad range of people are being questioned. the explosions in boston have echoed here in the bay area. local safety agencies are stepping up their presence as a result. kpix 5 with a look at what steps authorities are taking tonight. >> reporter: you know this struck a particular cord here in san francisco. here's the story. >> working with the fbi here, we have no reason to suggest that there is any threat to san francisco at this time. >> still from the crowds they gathered at the golden state bridge to next month's beta breakers, there are certainly no shortage of the potential target in the bay area. >> and we're looking at every single event that we have scheduled in our city this
week. and every week and every day from here on. >> reporter: much of that job will fall on the shoulders of the police department already stretched thin. >> if anybody sees anything or anyone, right? so if there will be 50,000 people in the beta breakers, the police department and the security are not the only one here on scene. that's 50,000 sets of eyes and ears that have listened. if you see something, say something. >> reporter: but the former fbi agent noted that it will be a challenge. you have the stadium, so you can have a secure stadium, but in terms of a race, you know, there is nothing like what you can do beyond the close proximity to the finish line. >> it'd be a needle in the hay stack, so we need to up the eyes and ears. >> are we going to be doing bomb sweeps at the america's cup at the beta breakers and events like that?
>> to be honest with you, we would do more bomb sweeps than anyone is ever aware of. >> reporter: so far bart would not shut down their bathrooms in the wake of 9/11 or the golden state bridge has not announced any new security measures, at least so far. >> this turns your clocks back to 2001 until we find exactly what happened in boston. >> reporter: and that's what they are doing today, allen. they are sort of walking a cautious tight rope, trying to get information, trying to tell people to be aware of it and to stay calm. things are safe, at least for now, but they will need to take a closer look at all the other events that we have. whether there will be a parade if they have moved from buildings to crowds. >> phil, obviously an incident happens like this, security gets tightened up. but depending on what they find out in boston, it will affect how things happen here and how they play out. >> reporter: exactly. the question is who did it in boston. what's their overall global vision. is it isolated or is it the beginning of something that could cross the nation all the
way to san francisco. and for that, they are buying time, trying to get as much information as they can in the next couple of days. >> all right, phil, thank you. more than 23,000 runners ran the boston marathon this morning. many of them from right here in the bay area. kpix 5 mike sugerman spoke to some of the local runners in the aftermath of the explosion. mike? >> reporter: 23,000 participants and half a million in the stands. the average time is about 3.5 hours for the people that run the boston marathon. and so it was really more dangerous for those who were watching than running. the bay area people were doing both. dozens of runners from the bay area and northern california, traditionally traveled back to run the boston marathon. it was the first and they will never forget it. >> obviously they need to do something on these shots or
something like that. >> reporter: and he is an elite runner, finishing 9th at 2 hours and 14 minutes. he was still in the area and went back to his hotel and he is still there. >> we're at the hotel room right now, and they could not go anywhere for them to wait. and that you can see it on whether or not they needed it. >> the entire area was locked down. and he had just left the finish line before the explosion, watching the sports agent. >> and i see it. and they say okay, what was that. maybe something fell. >> he was already a block away and still felt that impact. >> yeah, you know, i think that we have all had that go off like that and you feel the impact, you know, that it is the pressure and the air that hits you. and it will be a bigger one.
i think that everyone felt it. >> the television reporter was running in the race about where they took place and when they took place. >> it really sounded like a cannon went off. and the smoke, they would run straight up into the air and it looks like it was coming from straight out of the building and it was. we didn't know if they were going to keep on going down the street. >> and that was the real fear, not knowing what was going on or when they would stop. and even now some of them were stuck as you can hear them say that you will be walking around the area again. in the newsroom, kpix 5. >> and today's active terrorism has people taking a look at the calendar. it will be a grim distinction. there was the waco assault in 1983, which brought reprisals in the bombings of april 19, 1995. and then in the columbine school shootings of april 20,
1999. the virginia tech massacre, april 16, 2007, and now the patriot's day bombings in boston. winter coverage of the boston attack continues with a closer look at the scene of the bombing and how it might have been an ideal target for this kind of an attack. >> this kind of incident leaves doctors facing specific injuries and challenges. and we'll speak to the bay area doctor about the aftermath of the terrorist bombings. good evening meteorologist back here in the bay area. it's been a chilly and windy day for them at sfo. 57 miles per hour here and 44 miles per hour at half moon bay. we've got the sunshine as we'll talk about when that wind will die down and when we will return to warmth. that's coming up next. i'm going to quote directly here, these are her words. >> absolutely. >> an emotional plea from parents that now find themselves in the middle of a national news story. why they spoke publicly about
their daughter's suicide and the teens who they say are responsible.
more than 23,000 runners from all over the world participated in today's boston marathon. kpix 5 political analyst has been in that race, running many times before joe. welcome, we really appreciate the insight here. first, can we take the map and let's show people where this race has been running. 26.2 miles is the marathon. they start in massachusetts. and it ends right near boston's copley square. boston police reiterated three explosive devices left in the route of the marathon. just before 3:00 eastern time. two of them exploded right near the finish line about 15 seconds apart. and they were disarmed. that's one thing we want to talk about as they will draw
all of them here for the crowd and it is enormous and that's where they will be running. >> i would say that's one of the things that will make the race annoying and certainly for the runners that you are never alone here. and there are always people on both sides of the road that are wanting to give you the big use for the people cheering you on and they live in the boston area and they have an enormous amount here for them and that they have done it for so many times. as a runner you can do it to so many people. if you are planning a terrorist attack, they are ideal for two reasons. the first is that you have all these people that are densely packed. if you have a small kind of instrument, then it will kill many people here if they are densely packed. the other thing about the boston marathon is that it is world class and the mothership of all marathons. that everybody wants to do it and they have enormous coverage. if you're a terrorist and you want to do something that is likely to be seen by a lot of people through all different kinds of things.
from the cell phones to us talking about it on cbs news tonight, they have achieved their objective. >> the finish line was one thing, but that's the time of the race. the elite international runners that have finished. a lot of the time the locals would be there. >> it used to be the case that more people would be able to do this, getting down to about 27,000 that were signed up. less than that finished the race, obviously. but they have recently in the last several years tightened the assignment. an elite race. so it will be good. most of these people, the bombs went off around 4:02. they had already finished the race and there were still 9,000 to 10,000 people on out there in the middle of the pack. and the people were in the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately for them were the bombs. >> thank you. i appreciate the insight. glad you're here. emergency rooms in boston were packed with teams of doctors and nurses, treating bomb blast victims. the doctor is a trauma doctor
at san francisco's general. he said blast injuries are not just broken bones and lost limbs. the explosive powers of the bombs will create numerous waves causing internal injuries. >> there are internal injuries that could happen that you don't see. if a lung collapses, you don't see a collapsed lung, which could kill someone within the first 5, 10, 15 minutes within the blast. >> because of what we learned on the front lines in iraq and afghanistan, the trauma doctors and nurses at the medical center, they now have a lot more experience feeling with the bomb blast injuries. their daughter took her life after a night of drinking on an alleged sexual assault. how they will pursue justice for their daughter. >> and it is happening again, the latest bay area business turned into a drive-thru.
a grieving father talks about the death of his daughter, audrie we hope in some small way that our restoring of this could help others. >> the grieving father talks about the death of his
daughter. the teenager killed herself following an alleged sexual assault that was reportedly photographed and passed around her high school. kpix 5 glen ramirez at the high school with plans on what her parents will do next. >> reporter: her family decided to go public today, allen, because they want people to know exactly what happened to their daughter and they want people, perhaps students at saratoga high to step forward and tell what they know. now seven months after the incident, we're still finding out new details. after passing out at a friend's house following a night of partying and heavy drinking, 15- year-old audrey pott woke up to find her clothes removed and that her body was written with a marker. >> it said that one man's name was here, taunting her that someone was violating her while she was asleep. >> reporter: the assault allegedly by three 16-year-old high school boys who texted and
shared at least one photo of the incident drove pott's to hang herself a week later. >> it was a message that said haha look what we did to you, you're not going to forget us. >> i'm going to quote audrey directly here. these are her words. >> reporter: she gathered for a news conference in which her stepmother read a series of her facebook messages and texts to friends what she sent out before her suicide. >> i'm in hell, everyone knows about that night, the whole school is talking about it, my life is over. >> reporter: the three boys all members of the saratoga high football team have been arrested for sexual battery and in custody at juvenile hall. their attorneys declined to comment today. >> you see what a beautiful girl she is on the outside. i want you to know that she was so much more. >> the pott's family are hoping that they will be tried as
adults, which includes tougher penalties if they are convicted. >> sexual assault is an adult crime. the boys distributed the pictures to humiliate and further bully my daughter. >> reporter: the three boys in this case will be arraigned in juvenile court tomorrow morning. allen, there will also be a civil suit followed tomorrow in san jose for this case. a part of the reason in doing that is to try to get some subpoena powers to get some of the students here who may have been at the party or may have seen or heard something while they were at school the days that followed the incident for them to come forward and talk to investigators about what happened. >> i'm thinking some of the leverage might come from who supplied the alcohol. do they know where that came from? >> reporter: they know a couple of sources of the alcohol. according to the attorney today that at least one of the boys brought alcohol to that party and there was a mixture of gatorade with some alcoholic
beverage that she was consuming. the party happened at the home of a friend and the parents were away for the weekend. and that there was an unlocked liquor cabinet. so we might see the parents or the homeowners held responsible as well. and so it is not just the boys that could be held liable in this case, also the parents that may have supplied the alcohol unwittingly and had it at their house. >> thank you. >> unfortunately. checking out other bay area headlines. the 88-year-old man is in custody after police say they fired a gun at berkeley firefighters, grazing one of them. the firefighters and paramedics had responded to a medical call in the middle of the night. the firefighters escaped more serious injuries because the bullet ricocheted off a piece of equipment he was wearing. and police, they are looking for the suspect who slammed the stolen car into the
staple store before making off with goods. officers found a green honda at the scene, which had been reported stolen at berkeley. investigators are searching surveillance videos and interviewing witnesses that may have seen the suspect get away. a new part of construction is underway for the bart rail extension to san jose. and drivers can expect the detours and the lane closures in the coming weeks. traffic will be affected on busy streets like the capital expressway. the first leg of the extension from fremont is scheduled to open in 2018. well, if you didn't hold on to it, today it was gone in the wind. >> right. north to south, gusty winds, 50 to 55 miles per hour. not as bad as they were this past monday, a week ago, but certainly breezy outside. we'll keep the breeze around tomorrow. and it will slowly relax. this is downtown san jose, but the winds are whipping around. you can see the south bay about
30 to 40 miles per hour. and it is also windy where we have mid-level cloud covers as well. temperatures were kept down by the winds coming from the north. concordat 57. a couple days ago you were at 88 degrees. san jose with that wind,55 degrees. everybody will be windy, but the strongest winds will be along the coastline, right along the bay shoreline and in the higher elevations at the hills where the wind gusts will likely exes 45 miles per hour -- likely exceed 45 miles per hour. and fremont tonight, 43 degrees. the set up is there, very similar to what they have this time last week. a large and strong ridge of high pressure off to the west. a large and strong area of the low pressure off our east, right in between where we have a strong north pressure view and a strong north wind. this will relax a bit tomorrow. the winds will not be as strong, but breezy throughout the day tomorrow. since the winds are coming out
of the northwest, highs will not reach 70 degrees, even with full sunshine. chilly and breezy for tomorrow. and the low pressure will high tail out of there and the pressure will be gone and they will begin to go up as it will be all about high pressure, which will stick around for the next 7 to 10 days, not a drop of rainfall. all sunshine for some of you inland that will get close to 80 degrees. they will stay quite windy through midnight, breezy and cool and then that warmer weather with the sunshine will be back by wednesday. highs tomorrow, upper 60s. san jose 67 in oakland, all below normal. cupertino at 56. redwood city at 57. upper 60s for danville and san ramone. richmond 67, and oakland 68 degrees tomorrow with mainly sunny skies. still breezy, still chilly, the breeze is gone. look at these temperatures rise. 70s on wednesday. 80s inland. by thursday it'll be full
sunshine right on through the weekend, a mild weekend, mid- 70s near the bay with highs right around 80 inland on saturday and sunday. so it is a little chilly out there, but that'll be gone by midweek. >> all right, thank you, paul. >> we'll be right back.
the deadline to file tax returns. we are just a few hours away from the deadline to file tax returns. the main post offices in san francisco, oakland, and san jose will be open late tonight to help people get that last- minute postmark. if you can't get your return done by today, you can file for an extension. and that doesn't delay payment if you owe money. you still have to estimate what you owe and pay that amount. for more information on tax day, go to our website, and back to our top story. we have the latest from boston,
two people are dead. more than 120 hurt after a pair of bombs exploded near the finish of the boston marathon this afternoon. a third explosive device was recovered intact and disarmed. police are still sweeping the area for threats. they are urging people to stay inside. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks and there is no word on a motive. and we're coming up on the cbs evening news with much more on the developing situation in boston. coming up, cbs news special coverage of the explosions at the boston marathon. live reports from boston, new york, and washington with the very latest information on this unfolding story. coming up on the cbs eveninnews.
pelley is next. remember the latest news and a special one-hour cbs evening newscast is coming up next. authorities are saying bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. two people have been killed. now they are saying that more than 120 people have been injured, obviously some of them are critical. eight hospitals are reporting that they are treating at least 124 people, most of them in the crowd. we're told at least 15 people are in critical condition tonight. the latest from the president
also coming up. remember the latest news and weather is on our website, (explosions) >> pelley: tonight, bombs explod oston marathon. (screaming) >> run! >> pelley: it was horrible. the scene that you saw, it was freaking horrible. >> pelley: there was chaos at the finish line. >> it's so terrifying. it's so scary. and there was smoke and glass everywhere. >> pelley: at least two are dead, many dozens hurt. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: and this is a special western edition. good evening. the hunt is on tonight for a killer. president obama has vowed to find and bring to justice whoever was behind the deadly terrorist attack today at the boston marathon. two bombs went off as dozens of runners were crossing the finish line. one explosion near the